May 31st, 2013


Reading the Stuff comments for a higher purpose. Shoot me please.

This morning I bought my ticket for Under the Spinfluence. Unlike last year, this year I'm quite excited about it because a) I'm not neck deep in the most dryballs Criminological Theory course ever invented, and b) they have ADAGIO! They might even have other people I can climb on! I am ridiculously thrilled by this prospect.

The other thing I bought was a battery charger that can handle LiPo batteries. And any other kind of battery. And has a USB connection. And does not come in white or have the wi-fis. Sorry about that. But it's the snazziest charger ever - that I can afford, anyway.

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And then off I'll trot and write a thing about it, and they'll give me an Honours degree, right? Right?

So, um, there may be a touch o' the ranting in the next little while as I collect all these articles. Meanwhile have a picture of Relax-O-Cat:

They are here for about another week. Then we are getting the house steam cleaned. By the way, yes I have done all the required work for the Deadline Of Doom. I'm just waiting to hit the button now..