May 27th, 2013


The adventures of a frustrated leatherworker

So in this week's exciting parcel deliveries (hopefully), we have half a cow butt. No really, that's what it's called.

Y'see, bright shiny lights making hypnotic patterns are all very well, but if you are serious about messing with the hippies, they need to be portable. The plan was always to use a tutu format for the support structure, but I can't just wrap a cable around myself (well I could but that would be asking for spontaneous human combustion), so it has to be mounted on a belt. And in order to carry all the gubbins (currently a battery, voltage regulator, and microcontroller, with likely addition of an accelerometer and some sensors in the future) there needs to be a bunch of pockets of the right size and shape. I guess I could have just bought a festival belt, but a) that's cheating, b) the pockets need to be specific sizes to accommodate the things, and c) look at them. Some are really cool, but a lot are based in I'm-a-unicorn-riding-fairy delusion, and I'm not really a unicorn-riding-fairy kind of girl. I'm thinking more of Batman's utility belt styling, but with more LEDs.

So anyway, seeking the parts to make this became my mission for yesterday.

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From this I have concluded that the internet is a wonderful thing, but also that it's likely that the reason these supplies are not available in shops is because of their specialty nature, and shops can't compete with the internet on price for things that they'll only sell a bit of occasionally. Which in a lot of respects is a bit sad. When I was a kid, my Mum did leatherwork, and she bought all her stuff in craft shops (and we luckily had a local tannery). Nowadays it seems the only way to get these things is online. Is the internet killing local suppliers and turning shops into places that only sell boring stuff for the mass market, or is it a great way to get the best deal on exactly the thing you want because everything is available? I can't decide.

Apart from knitting stuff. Knitters are apparently a force to be reckoned with, and everyone still caters to them. I'd probably cater to an army of folks armed with sharp pointy things too tbh.