May 25th, 2013


Hypnotutu vs Das Blinkenlights - either way, we have the shiny. Oh so very shiny..

So while I've been mucking about with soldering, Happy's been busy writing a library that handles pattern generation for LED strips. And because I'm awesome he's not at all grumpy really, he shared it with me. Last night we spent some time mucking about with it, because like all things that are logical and rational and straighforward machinery, it didn't work straight out of the box. However..

Collapse )

Anyway, this library was written for the Mitochondrion, which those of you following along at home will know is a staff - so basically it exists in one linear dimension, and the 2D is created by spinning it. We figured those patterns might look really cool on an existing 2 dimensions, or they might just look like cat vomit. Judge for yourself. Behold, the HypnoTutu!

Note that the cat did not in fact vomit. This is the third video I took, the first two ending as Derpy decided he needed to see if the shiny things were food. Eventually I convinced him to ignore the LEDs, but he still managed to get in the video.

Meanwhile, I had this setup running for 15 minutes or so, and nothing caught fire, nothing crashed and none of the parts were even particularly warm. This is excellent news, in terms of how many LEDs I can have lit at once without spontaneously combusting. Next step - portability!

(and learning how to remember to put in the commas)