May 24th, 2013


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You have to be a special sort of person to be able to stick your little finger up your nose while washing your face, and take a chunk out of your left nostril with the nail, right?

Special, that's it. Um..

Meanwhile, yesterday's comments are an example of what happens when a metaphor gets away on you, and is bolting hell-for-leather towards the edge of a cliff. You're pulling on the reins and leaning back but it's completely ignoring your signals because it has the bit between its teeth and in its own mind it's fleeing imaginary monsters that are far scarier than anything you could do to it. You feel out of control and doomed to certain death. You could bail, but if you do, you'll break all the bones in your body because nobody taught you how to emergency exit from a runaway metaphor and you're not wearing a helmet. In desperation, you reach forward and put your hands over its eyes, effetively blinding it and bringing it to a screeching, thundering halt just short of plunging to your doom, and ensuring you'll never get on that metaphor again if you value your life.

This really happened to me. Well, sort of. The stopping a runaway horse by putting my hands over its eyes part did, anyway. That was the last time I ever jumped on a horse without a bridle. See? Clever, me. And a bit special. But really, should we ever let coders loose on the English language? There should be a rule or something.

This weekend, I have nothing planned. Nothing. This means I'll probably spend most of it trying not to cry and feeling stupid. But at the end of it I might have something pretty to show you. And there's always leatherwork, right? Which I'm such an expert at...