May 23rd, 2013


Bullet points (without actual bullet points)

I just bought a battery and a voltage regulator. Ooo er!

Coding makes me feel stupid. I spend most of it trying not to cry. Dr Wheel says this is normal and that that's why most programmers are tired when they get home - from holding back tears all day.

Last night I almost accidentally pressed a handstand. Progress!

Last night I also ate 3 bowls of ice cream. Shaddup I DO WHAT I WANT

Frodo has been renamed Weirdo due to the strange running-up-and-down-the-stairs game he likes to play with Derpy at 6am in the morning. And also for his delusion that we might actually give him some of our dinner.

I got copies of my degree verified by a JP before getting it framed. Check out my organisational skills.

I am conspicuously avoiding talking about work or that meeting.

I like pancakes.