May 21st, 2013


In which I defend my right to want to wear a bikini even though I actually don't, or something

I woke up this morning with Teenage Dream by Katy Perry in my head. Please shoot me now.

Meanwhile, it's Daedalus vs Aristotal in the Thunderditch. Daedalus being Dr Wheel's desktop machine, and Aristotal being mine. Seems that ever since he installed the Oculus Rift, if Daedalus is on, Aristotal can't acces the internet. Thus, Daedalus is winning. I think this is inherently unfair since I backed Aristotal. Except, I totally wield the Power of the Button. I haven't actually used it yet, because I have an inherent avoidant tendency when it comes to touching other people's tech (I blame grist when we were kids and he was bigger than me). However, I am hoping that Aristotal will rise up and overcome his oppressors, because I have no fucking clue why having someone else's machine switched on would kill my internet connection. It's.. typical of computers actually. There'll be some weird network configuration thing that I don't understand, and I've no doubt that uttering the right words over it will fix it, but I don't know what those words are. Stupid computers.

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Huh. Clearly I felt strongly about that.

PS, Personally I think that bikinis are problematic, not for the reasons you might think, but because every time I've worn one I've ended up losing one or other part of it in an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. They are not very well-designed, functionally. But I'm not about to denigrate others' desire to wear them, y'hear?