May 14th, 2013


They should totally make a pirate game for this

Last night I went to the launch of A Forager's Treasury - not only written by someone I know and therefore more awesome than your average book, but also awesome in and of itself for its subject matter. Which is, basically, how to find food (ie wild plants) while out wandering around, and what to do with it when you find it. Unlike a lot of these sorts of books, it's a) New Zealand focused, and b) full of recipes that have been tested and found tasty, including one that's been a Top Secret family one until now. So yeah, you should buy it.

When I got home, I was fully expecting to find Dr Wheel lying on the floor wearing his Oculus Rift and cackling maniacally. Instead I found him on the bed wearing a cat blanket and feeling a bit seasick. So it turns out that it's realistic enough to give you motion sickness - which of course had nothing to do with how he'd spent over an hour playing with it instead of the recommended 10 minutes for the first go. Nope.

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However, the main aim isn't videogames. Dr Wheel has plans! Oooh, such plans! That I'm not allowed to brag about on the internet just yet. Boo. Also, I want a planetarium that I can fly around in. Please make me one, internet.

Tonight I have to go up to the uni and collect my silly hat. Apparently I can give it back after the ceremony without having to go back up to the uni - although in my dream last night I had to wait until there were only 5 people left at the Dean's reception before I could undress.

Question: What is a Dean's reception? Are they worth going to? I have a voucher for a free drink at it, is all.