May 13th, 2013


Cats are for experimenting on, right?

ZOMG it's graduation week! Where I get to pick up my strangely meaningless piece of paper that says "I've got qualifications." I think it feels like that because the learning is all *points* back there and the application is all *points again* over there, and this bit is quite removed from any of that, and mostly just a ritual. However, that won't stop me framing it and hanging it on the wall next to Dr Wheel's one, nope. Or posting pictures of me in a silly hat. Because, well, you have to really, don't you?

I won't be doing the parade though - seems to me that's mostly for the folks who are graduating with their friends, and since most of the folks I started with graduated 2 years ago, I can't think of anyone I'd like to parade with. I think I'd feel a bit silly tbh..

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Meanwhile, last night I had a sex dream about Daryl from The Walking Dead. I think this means I win. Seems that in my headcanon, he is (or, um.. was) a virgin. O.o

Also, Dr Wheel has had a developer version of the Oculus Rift on pre-order for a while. This morning it arrived. I suspect that this means I won't be seeing much of him for the next little while, other than the occasional burst of maniacal laughter from the geek room and periodic offers of "Here, try this!" I am excite!