May 9th, 2013



I have a chin hair.

There are arseholes some people on the internet who would use this as evidence that at 43, I am clearly about to become a hideous old hag because that's what happens to women as they age. However, internet arseholes people, I have news for you.

I have had this hair since I was 17.

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It's taking a bit of getting used to for me, this recent trend for young men to grow beards. Or, um.. to try to. *cough*

So anyway, I've decided to stick with the beginner handbalancing. It contained new information that will be useful, and it's a small class (3 of us) so plenty of contact time. Also, the others are both advanced beginners too, not raw beginners, so the level is probably about right. Win!

The Criminology guy turned out to be one of those folks who looks at you expectantly and says nothing, and I had this weird response to that by basically, well.. babbling. I did manage to extract the information I needed, but left feeling like a right wally and as if I never want to see that guy again. It's been ages since I did that. WTF?

Finally, I am succumbing to the Cute of the Kitties. They have stopped being little arseholes to each other and are now working on teamtagging us with cuteness. Thus, there were two cats in/on/under our bed last night. I suspect an evil plot.