May 8th, 2013


Oh what a difference one evening makes

I am fast coming to the conclusion that Derpy the Persian is either really, really thick - like maybe half his brain is missing in some bizarre squashy-faced space-creation exercise - or he's extremely Machiavellian. I haven't worked it out yet.

What I do know is that the tables have turned almost entirely from the previous evening. Also that every time I see the little orange blighter, the first words out of my mouth are "Oh god you're ugly!" and then I feel sorry for him and pat him.

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Joking aside, Derpy is really ugly. And when Dr Wheel was bathing him, he was having trouble breathing. I have issues with the breeding of animals till they're so deformed they don't function properly, and I think Derpy's an example of where that's gone too far. Poor little bugger. *pats him some more* Oh shit..

Today at lunchtime I'm going to see the postgrad coordinator for Criminology up at Vic. He's apparently an expert in evolutionary psychology as it applies to criminal behaviour. Unfortunately I've been unable to access any of his work. As you know, I take evo psych with a grain of salt, but I'm the first to admit that that's because my experience of it has all been laypeople trying to use it to justify traditional gender roles that are disadvantageous to me personally, and I've never encountered it as an actual academic discipline. I will try not to let this colour my view.

But I did dream about him. In my dream he was a raving hippie with a house so full of plants that you couldn't move in it, and a dodgy way of avoiding actually talking about anything.

Hopefully it'll go better than that, eh?