May 3rd, 2013

this is the hook

Perspective altering moment

So yesterday I was in the gym doing my handstands, and there were these two guys staring at me. This isn't unusual - it seems few folks in this particular gym do much inversion type work, and whenever I do it I get funny looks. Often from people who are busy making pretzels of themselves in the stretch zone, weirdly enough. Huh. So anyway, these guys were staring at me, and next thing I know they asked if I minded if they joined me.

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Meanwhile, what do you think of this? PopSci article entitled "Is ecstasy safer when it's purer?" Propaganda? Balanced? Worthwhile? Stupid? It came in for some critique on the internet yesterday, and I'm curious what other people think.

And finally, in Reasons To Love Dr Wheel #217:

What's not to love? [edit] I should probably point out that the guy in the video is not actually Dr Wheel