May 2nd, 2013

deal with it

I am not ashamed, and my family are a bunch of enablers

Fun fact of the day: the 1st of May is the anniversary of the founding of the Illuminati. Back in Ye Olden Tymes, these folks were not so much with the shadowy world-domination scheming they are credited with today, they were apparently more about undermining the Roman Catholic church's stranglehold on public life, promoting scientific thought, and supporting the education of women. I am down with the original Illuminati. I am also down with sharing my birthday with it.

So much so, that I named my Kindle after its founder, Adam Weishaupt. Imagine my glee to discover that the headquarters of the Grey Wardens - the shadowy secret society that defends Thedas from the darkspawn in Dragon Age, is also named after this guy. There's much debate over whether this is a coincidence or not. Knowing as much as I do about this world, and its creation being developed from the idea of subverting fantasy tropes using themes from our own world, I think not. I think it's neat, though - and that kind of little detail is the sort of thing that makes me love it so much.

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