May 1st, 2013


Circumnavigating the sun, LIKE A BOSS!

Today, I am 43. That's PRIME! And you know what's even cooler about it? Dr Wheel is 31, which is also prime. And if you're into numerology, you can add our ages together, and then keep adding numbers till you get to 2, which is also prime. Together, we are METAPRIME!

So I fully expect this to be a prime year for us. Yup. This dude dares you to disagree:

Collapse )

Today, I am having lunch with grist, at which he plans to explain the mysteries of optimising compilers (which I am apparently using even though I don't know what they are), and I plan to pick his brains about wires and data and how code is actually magic and thus I should be able to do anything I want, right? Right?

Oh yeah, the protein experiment seems to be working. I've found I can stomach it if I use milk instead of water and eat it with a spoon (like you did with Milo when you were a kid, right?). But after a heavy training session yesterday (50kg military presses owieowieowie), I feel like I could train again today. I'm not going to, but just feeling like I could is a vast improvement from dragging myself to the gym by my tongue and flopping my way through a session because I feel like shit.

And tonight, PRESENTS! *is all excited*

So yes, today I am 43. Going on 12.