April 19th, 2013


All the psychedelics a girl could ever want

I dreamed that I lived back in the old Horokiwi house but that it was haunted by a ghost that did things like pick me and my bathwater* up and pin me against the wall, then take my voice away when I tried to tell people about it. It started haunting me outside the house as well, but I was able to croak out a complaint and we exorcised it. Fuck you, ghost, you will never get my silence!

Also, my hotel bed is comfy as and I slept for 12 hours. Then I found fruit and Starbucks for breakfast. Starbucks is kind of like McDonalds - it's not flash, but it'll do in a pinch and when you're travelling, it's consistent. Also, espresso doesn't seem standard in cafes here, but Starbucks has it, so yay!

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Meanwhile, it took me quite a while to find anywhere around this area that sells fruit, and ended up getting some from a cafe at nearly $1 a pop. The red delicious apples really are delicious, though! Tonight, I'm meeting dragonvyxn for dinner, and tomorrow the conference proper starts. And and and, I handed out some cards! Check me out with my networking!

* This is stupid. I never bathe. I'd like to see it try to pin my shower water up against a wall. Yeah.