April 18th, 2013



OHAI Oakland, I am in you. And I haven't slept for long enough so I can't remember how long it is. But coffee!! And exclamation points!!

Adventures so far include:

Having a heated discussion on the plane with a neurobiologist who says fluoride damages the pineal gland and also that NZ is developing a rural gun lobby akin to the US which is big into AK47s. Was actually quite interesting after we got past that part. Also, there was this interlude:

Border Control Dude: What is your reason for coming here?
Me: A conference.
BC Dude: What kind of conference?
Me: Um.. an academic one?
BC Dude: There are lots of those, what's your one about?
Me: *thinks* AWKWARD. *says* The science of drugs, essentially. Medicine, health, addiction, sociology, that sort of thing.
BC Dude: Ah, I see. So are you for cannabis or against it?
Me: *trying to shrink through the floor* Uh.. ah.. I think that the harms related to all kinds of drugs could be reduced significantly if governments considered other approaches than complete prohibition.
BC Dude: I see. What's the legal status of cannabis in NZ?
Me: It's even stauncher than here. Even medicinal use is illegal.
BC Dude: Yeah, they should just legalise it. You can go now.
Me: OH FUCK THANK YOU! *slinks away*

He was just messing with me, right? Right?

Anyway, I have also had a fantastic lunch with helianthas who is awesome and lovely and picked me up from the airport and showed me the Castro and found me good coffee and filled me with easy rambling conversation, sorted my phone, and registered for the conference, at which I was confused by the juxtaposition of dreadlocks and suits. Gonna be interesting, yup.

Now, time for a shower and to wait for it to get dark so I can try to sleep. Oh yeah, and my number is 1-510-350-6809. At least, for the next 5 days it is. I think that's how you write it, anyway. Uh..