April 16th, 2013



So today is probably a good day to avoid Twitter then.

I got up this morning, started checking my usual channels, and the first thing I found was that Bioware is having Dragon Age week, and asking folks to tweet what they are doing for it. In the spirit of participation, I tweeted my thing, then started to read my feed - and of course it's all about the Boston explosions.

And at least half of the tweets are sanctimonious prats sitting safe in their offices in New Zealand, retweeting stuff from other safe people about how tweeting about frivolous stuff when OMG TRAGEDY makes you a bad person.

I mean, I'm all for whatever makes you feel better, but tearing other people down to make yourself feel big is uncool even when everyone isn't being slammed in the face with graphic pictures and descriptions of death and destruction, you know? So yeah, switching Twitter off. It's great for breaking news and network support during world events, but I get the feeling that since it became self-aware, it's getting harder and harder to get the signal through all the noise of people self-promoting on the back of bad news. I can live without that.

Yes, I am aware of the irony of what I just said. Bite me.

Meanwhile, I've not really got a lot to say except *squee* I am getting on a plane, and also, in my casual rogue playthrough of DA2, last night all the possible sexings came to visit me one after the other. Except Merrill. I have yet to sex Merrill. I am trying, really I am - but her and I seem to have a personality thing that means no matter how hard I try to be consistent, I alternately please her and piss her off, and so her approval bar stays bang in the middle and no sexing for me. I don't think we'd make a good couple, tbh.

And the Anders rivalmance is deliciously fucked up. Yep.

In other news

My cards arrived. I am now packing plastic*, and feeling grateful for the efficiency of the plastic delivery system. It also means that mysterious marketplace is not out of bounds any more. Yikes.

*Which isn't as exciting as it sounds since I don't do credit - but at least I can pay for the bus, right?