April 15th, 2013


OCD helps with timetable building. Yep.

Right now I'm batching. This is probably a good thing because otherwise I'd be driving Dr Wheel a bit nuts with my last minute excitement and preparations. This morning I made my timetable for the conference, complete with colour-coding for "Must attend", "Would like to attend" and "Grab the notes".

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Because I'm a bit concerned about the way that drug use is currently pathologised, and also about the recent focus on medical uses for substances in order to give them legitimacy. While I understand that this is the paradigm we currently live in, and that proving a medical use for a substance is a way of changing its classification under the law (most classifications cite medical uses and risks of harm as their basis), that still delegitimises all use that is not for a specific medical purpose.

There have been some exceptions made for substances that have long traditional religious uses, but that still discounts the validity of other uses. My question is, why do we have to prove some 'higher purpose' in order for drug use to be recognised as legitimate? Why are fun, life enhancement, community building, or changes to creativity and problem-solving processes not valid reasons for using drugs as part of a normal, healthy life?

I fear that the current focus on legitimising drug use through medicine still buys into the view that drugs are for people who have something wrong with them, and that the only valid use of a drug is to fix a problem. This perpetuates the view that anyone who chooses to use a drug is somehow flawed, and that makes it very easy to continue to stigmatise drug users and to ignore what I consider to be valid choices, and valid reasons to use drugs. I resent the implication that doing something because it's fun is a character flaw, and frankly, I think it's stupid to assume that enjoyment isn't a legitimate pursuit.

So, um, yeah. I could rant for a while about that but I think you get the picture. So I'm going to the workshop. Hopefully I won't be disappointed. Either way, I'll get to meet people and that is always a good thing. There is also a marketplace - I am very curious as to what a marketplace for a conference relating to psychedelic substances looks like - and a dinner and show on the Saturday. I R EXCITE! (cos you couldn't tell, eh?)

Today, I'm going to see if I can extract some money from my bank. And also do the finishing on the Brainfart parts, so they won't get damaged as I fiddle around making it bigger. Wish me luck!