April 13th, 2013


Well that was fun

Get cash from machine, put card in wallet, cross street, walk 20m, check bag, wallet missing.

Go back, check ground, money machine, ask collectors standing there, ask in shops. Nope. Gone.

Call bank, block cards, arrange new cards to be sent urgently which will hopefully arrive before flying out to the US on Wednesday. Arrange alternative plan for accessing money and paying for hotel/expenses if that falls through. Borrow $100 off Dr Wheel.

Go to AA, cancel driver license. Go to police station to report theft. Wallet has been handed in. Found 2 streets over with nothing missing. All I can think is that whoever nicked it wanted cash and the ID of someone who doesn't look like a soccer Mum in their license photo. Oddly, they didn't want my union card either.

Unfortunately I can't unblock any of my other cards so I'm still without plastic of any kind* till they arrive. But my identity still belongs to me so that's cool.

* In NZ, PoS is a big thing. I use cash if I can, but without my card I can't get at it. I am weirded out by the prospect of going to the bank on Monday to try and get some US dollars (or even some NZ ones) without any of my usual cards.