April 11th, 2013


The parallels are scary, the apathy is the same

Yesterday afternoon, post-interview...

Me: How did it go?
Him: No clue. I have no basis for comparison, remember?
Me: Fair enough. ;-)

Kid always was kind of literal. Also, it's weird how both of us were thinking a lot about his Grandma yesterday. Milestones, I guess. Hmm.. anyway, he'll hear on Monday. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, last night I dreamed that I took the kids of which one is my godson (yes, someone was misguided enough to ask me to be a godparent) to visit friggasmuse, who has three children and another one coming. Our task was to clear her spinach patch of 'spikers' - tiny rodents that look like little hoppy hamsters with horns. This involved crawling through the spinach on our bellies, commando style, making loud yelping noises. Has to be done twice a day, apparently. So, um, friggasmuse watch out for spikers in your spinach patch! And then, because there were babies, there was poo and it all turned a bit icky and reminded me why I'm glad my offspring is pretty much an adult now. Yep.

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Meanwhile, I've read a few things about Margaret Thatcher this week (perhaps not surprising), and as I've read them, particularly the descriptions of her policies, I'm struck by the similarities between those policies and the ones our current government espouses. Check out Wikipedia:

Lowered direct taxes on income and increased indirect taxes - check.
Reduced expenditure on social services such as welfare, education and housing - check, check, check.
Cuts in higher education spending - check.
Increased unemployment - check.
Extractive industries (oil especially) as the saviour of the economy - check.
Reducing the power of unions - check (particularly student unions).
Undermining employees' rights - check.
Sacking shitloads of miners - check.
Sale of state assets against the will of the people - check.
Attempts to change the voting system to allow easy retention of power for current government - check (MMP referendum anyone?).

Never mind the increased surveillance, misuse of urgency to pass laws without scrutiny, cronyism, retrospective law changes to legalise shady doings by government agencies, amnesia on dodgy dealings, and moves to make it possible for the military to act against the population in times of protest.

So, um - where is the outrage? Or do we have to wait till John Key is dead before we express our anger?