April 10th, 2013


I R some kind of aerial device

ZOMG! The YoT has an interview! He's been going around town dropping off his CV and a cover letter to likely places, and yesterday managed to get someone to actually talk with him instead of just adding him to the pile. Today they want to interview him.

I am possibly more excited than he is and doing my best not to turn into a quadcopter Mum*. I sent him a big email full of advice, at the end of which I went "Oh, I'm going all Mum on you. I'll stop." To which he responded "That was pretty funny to read." He is sensible, smart and articulate, and will be fine. It's his first interview, he may not get the job, but he got one, OMG OMG OMG!

Speaking of such things, remember my rant about the Starting Out wage? Well, it seems that I'm not the only one who thinks it stinks - several large employers of young people have rejected it and will continue to pay the adult minimum wage to their young staff. Neato! As someone in my workplace said, social capital has economic value, and these organisations understand that young people and their parents vote with their custom.

But also, kind of embarrassing that large corporations are showing more social responsibility than our government, for whatever reason.

In other news, yesterday I tried a protein powder drink for the first time ever. This was recommended by a friend as an aid to recovery from hard training sessions, to help avoid the Blahs that can ensue. It was this one, recommended by DoomBoy, in peanut butter and chocolate flavour. It was.. weird and slimy, but mostly palatable. It's too early to tell if it's going to help recovery (yesterday's session confirmed that my triceps are Pathetic), but what it did was fill me up and keep me full until late. Normally I'm hungry when I get home from work, but yesterday, I had this thing at lunch and wasn't ready to eat again till 7pm. If nothing else, it helped bring my stomach in line with the new time.

Anyway, have you lot got any experience with this stuff when training hard? Is it worth it?

* SO much cooler than a helicopter one.