April 8th, 2013


Now I am become Tats, the Destroyer of Soldering Irons

This morning I got to work and checked my emails, only to find a reminder for an appointment at the other end of town in 3 minutes' time. Cue flailing and galloping and being 15 minutes late after discovering that the lifts in the Asteron Centre only have buttons on the outside. That's right, you press the floor you want at the bottom, then it tells you what lift to get in, and it takes you straight there. Neat idea, until someone like me comes along and gets into the first open one, and ends up in an unauthorised area.. *cough*

Anyway, it was a user testing interview for a service I've been receiving for about 4 years, and they gave me a $50 Prezi card for a 15-minute interview, and I reckon that's not a bad hourly rate and worth the 15 minute gallop to get there.

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Speaking of getting home in the dark, I think I might be getting old. You know how the end of daylight savings is supposed to be good because it gives you an hour to sleep in? Not me. I just woke up at 4:30am instead of 5:30am, with my body all ready to Get Up and Do Stuff! And my brain going "Body, what RU doin? Body, STAHP!" And my body not listening, fidgeting about until it came daylight and I could get up.

I am going to be hell on wheels when I'm old if I don't need to sleep. I will either make a lot of things or cause a lot of trouble. Possibly both.