April 4th, 2013


And I'd like to thank the Academy.. (i am a knob)

So I got my graduation guff in the mail the other day. Apparently I'm graduating in Ceremony 4, which is at 1:30pm on the 15th of May. They gave me 3 guest tickets. THREE! Do they have no clue how many people have supported me to get an education, and how without those people I'd probably not have even started?

I mean, there's you lot for a start, who've been all "Tats of course you're smart enough" and have not laughed at my attempts to be academic and read and commented on my posts about Wot I Have Lerned and asked challenging questions and posted links to how to do referencing and generally been an interactive resource for support and information and validation for the last 5 (fuck, FIVE!) years.

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Well that got sloppy. But.. I want to make it clear how big a deal this is for me. I didn't think it would be when I started, I was all "I just want people to listen to me" but by the end it had turned into something else, and it's been such a hard slog with so many things having happened while I've been studying that it feels like it's become a major life event. And I'm fully aware that it's just a degree, god.. but, um, actually, it's not just a degree. It's a big fuck you to all those people from *points* back there, that tried to make me nothing. It's tangible proof, basically, that they were wrong, and that the best form of revenge is a life lived well. Partly it's the degree and partly it's the people that have surrounded the getting of the degree, but as a whole it's a symbol that demonstrates how completely I've escaped that life. I am not that person any more, and quite possibly never was.

So yeah, it is a big deal.

* Functions in programming: If the loop part of a program is like a recipe (say for cooking a roast), and the first part of the recipe says KillSheep, defining the function KillSheep is a set of instructions on how to kill a sheep. Simple, really. *cough*