April 2nd, 2013


What I did on my holiday by Tats (now with video!)

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered. That would be if your doctor were a sadistic bastard who likes to see their patients facepalming, sweating and groaning. But ultimately, it was also pretty productive, and what else would I be doing with four days off, right?

It started with the discovery that the YoT now has size 14 feet. This means that the lines carried in mainstream shoe outlets often don't carry his size. Fun times for a teenager who is fussy about shoes. Luckily he managed to find some, and I reckon that if I put an outrigger on them I could use one for waka ama.

Collapse )

So, um, yes. Equal parts physically hard and mentally hard, but ultimately I reckon gratification comes from being able to see where you've been and what you've done, and so this weekend was pretty damn gratifying. Big holes and shiny lights! And I got some satisfaction also from discovering that it wasn't just me that was totally knackered from swinging off a jackhammer all day on Saturday. It's been a long time since I put in a day's real work (shearing doesn't count cos I'm used to that), and it shows that all this training has some application outside of trying to do handstands. Nice.

So what did y'all do with your long weekends? Whatever it was, I hope it was fun and satisfying.

* Somewhat matriarchal figure from my childhood who taught me to ride a horse, milk a cow, take a hiding, and pull my head in. She was awesome.