March 26th, 2013


Final lecture, and still didn't make the lecturer cry.

I woke up this morning and realised that it's a short week this week. Thus ensued excited bouncing. I think four days off in a row warrants excited bouncing. I'm not sure my bedmate agrees. Woops.

I'm not into the God thing at all, but I reckon Jesus was a Dude (the good kind, the Dargaville definition of Dude), and frankly, I doubt he'd be into all the prostration and worship stuff but I bet he'd get a kick out of seeing how excited some of us *cough* get over having a few free days to engage in hedonistic pursuits, you know?

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Meanwhile, I've printed out the test code for the LED strip, for the purpose of pulling it apart to see how it works, which will hopefully help me work out how to make it fit what I want to do.

Dr Wheel laughed at the thought of me walking around with my ream of paper that contains code. I think it's eminently sensible myself...