March 25th, 2013


In which I engage in self-congratulatoryness

I am feeling inordinately pleased with myself, because of being productive.

I mean, OK so I spent most of Saturday saving the galaxy (and wondering why everyone in the squad suddenly felt the need to hit on my Shepard all at once, don't they know she's obsessed with mandibles?) *cough* and doing not a lot at all. However yesterday, I sat down with my soldering iron and made some solid and tangible progress on the Brainfart project. Things I learned: Don't pick up little bits of solder that fell off the iron and are burning your tabletop - they will burn your fingers instead. Doh. But, I got it running - at least, I got the strip hooked up to the Arduino and the power supply and ran a test pattern and nothing blew up and thus I am inordinately pleased with myself.

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Also yesterday, our building had a 'meet the neighbours' evening, where we met our neighbours. Oddly enough, Loudly Singing 90s Angry-boy Rock Girl was not in evidence, even though she was home. I suspect maybe she's irritated more than just us, and knows it.. but anyway, there were neat people, we got tours of some of the other apartments, and also climbed up on the roof. The view up there is pretty awesome, but I'm not sure how I feel about people going up there for drinks. Not keen on seeing them descending past our kitchen window at high speed, eh?

Still, nice to meet some of the other people. There was also a guy there who collects and repairs vintage (and not-so-vintage) pinball machines. I told him he should give a talk at Nerdnite.

But look! PrettyShiny and I made it! *squee*