March 21st, 2013


But the internet is awesome and here's why

"But what are you going to do with a robot arm, Tats?" I know this has been the burning question in all of your minds.

Well, mostly I'm going to watch Dr Wheel do things with it, cos it's his. And he built it over the last couple of days, and now it's working.

"So what is Dr Wheel going to do with a robot arm, Tats?" I hear you thinking...

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And for those on my flist who appreciate such things, (pombagira I'm looking at you), and who perhaps don't follow thefemalegaze, have Turkish Oil Wrestling. Seriously, have it. I think New Zealand needs more of this too, frankly. Because I appreciate a good *cough* aesthetic. Yes, I am totally objectifying those men. Tell me with a straight face that you aren't, go on... I mean look:

I rest my case.