March 20th, 2013


Do they have a rainbow stripey pill? Cos that would be awesome

Yesterday me and my deformed forearms* got ourselves tested. Basically, DoomBoy does monthly testing of his clients to check progress. He's had to come up with a new different test for me, because I'm only training with him for the express, singular purpose of getting stronger, rather than running faster or losing weight or whatever. So he had me doing all these strongman things, in sets of three. The warm up made me hurt ;-/ Then there was holding 30kg over my head for as long as I could (about a minute per time), then bosu planking (1:20, 1:03, 1:04 - which is a bit sad IMO), and bosu pushups (25, 23, 21). Then we ran out of time, which I'm thankful for because there was more on the list OMG. *ded*

I am not sure if these 'scores' are good or not - I know that in Pretzel class you plank for longer, but not on a bosu ball. In weights I do more pushups, but not after doing that other stuff. And in handbalancing I invert for longer, but with support against a wall so I don't have to balance. I guess the point is that I'm supposed to improve from there, right?

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There you have it. As usual, if you want to participate in either of the above, let me know. ;-)

* Apparently I am Popeye: