March 19th, 2013

fenris 1

Disaster strikes!

Well, not a complete disaster, but one of those things that makes you have to put on your big girl panties and keep your shit together despite wanting to yell loudly and throw things.

I broke the Magister's Staff. It was my own fault, it was on the table drying and I propped it against the bookcase so I could have my breakfast, and it slid and fell over and hit the table. The acrylic tube is broken, the vanes have come half off (because the plaster that was supposed to reinforce all this is not yet dry), and there's a broken wire in there somewhere so the LEDs don't work any more. *sigh*

I picked it up, gently pushed it all back into shape, and put it in the corner where it will stay until I get over being pissed off enough to look at it carefully and start fault-finding to repair the wire. I think if the lights still worked I woudln't be all that bothered (the break in the acrylic is not major), but the wire has all been hot-glued into place and finding where it's broken will be a mission. *more sighing*

On the upside, my 5v 10A DC adapter arrived yesterday, so if I feel so inclined I can get started on the Brainfart circuits - or at least attach the LED strip to a power supply and go "Oooh pretty!" for a while before trying to do anything else.. cos I'm a bit breaky-of-things right now..

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I am conflicted. On one hand, misinformation has caused a lot of harm in the drug war, and this dude is Misinformation Plus. On the other, I hate the idea being the dissenting, harping voice for a whole 2-hour lecture, after which I will come away feeling icky. Umm..

Dr Wheel had two teeth removed yesterday. I overdosed him with drinking straws and ice cream and cuddles because I know what it's like to have sore teeth and because he's lovely and brings out the 'be nice' urges in me (yes I do have some, nyah). He got to bring his ones home and we compared them with my ones from last year. One of his had to be cut into bits to be removed. Ouch. But, he is one of the few people I know who still manages to look cute with half his face swollen. <3

Meanwhile, my brother has been playing with a Hall Effect sensor. I think someone should apply this to a levistick. Someone who can look at their projects without breaking them, preferably.