March 18th, 2013

deal with it

I need a Mass Effect icon

I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning because my brain had a compulsive need to run through the steps for dressing a sheep over and over again to be sure I remember how to do it. I do, apparently. It seems my brain thinks the zombie apocalypse is almost on us because this compulsion followed a dream in which I was trying out for a DotA 2 competition, which involved using a virtual dragon to eat other players' virtual dragons, which I was apparently very good at. But instead of going to the tournament, I got sent to the Zombie Zone, which was filled with people from my shepherding days, and I was required to kill goats for us to eat.

Hard on the heels of that, Sunday night's dream also involved the zombie apocalypse, this time in a Butlins style holiday camp with zombies that looked remarkably like Husks from Mass Effect, and instead of killing goats I was butchering them.

WTF series dreams?

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Of course, tonight I won't get to play because I have my heroin lecture. And it says something about the quality of that, that I'm seriously considering throwing it over to play a video game. Except it might be fun, if I'm feeling evil and willing to put myself through that for the sake of pulling up the lecturer on his unsupported claims..

But of course the zombie apocalypse might stymie all those plans at any moment so it could all be for nought.

Meanwhile, it's sort of raining. Wellington's now officially in drought, us plebs are supposed to be saving water and can be fined for using watering cans outside (golf courses and businesses are exempt wtf?), so my plants have been put out in the drizzle and I'm catching water in a bucket in the shower for them. They are saying that we have 21 days of water left, but if everyone (meaning us plebs, not the businesses or rich wankers who like to play golf) does their bit we won't run out.

I'm happy to save water but frankly, I think the rich wankers could cope with brown grass for their balls too, you know?