March 12th, 2013


In which I am gentler than I should be with our lecturer

Last night's lecture was.. enlightening. But not in the way I was expecting (and paid for). You know how I said I suspected the dude is in the 'drugs are bad mmk' camp? Well, last night he showed his true colours, including referring to drug use as 'a curse', citing gateway theory, and .. well.. this:

Collapse )

Anyway, I'll keep going to the class because it's fairly interesting, but I have deep concerns about the academic integrity of the information we're being presented. I just finished a degree that required me to be able to justify everything I said, and now I'm being lectured by someone who's using the lectures as a platform for unsubstantiated pet theories, and anything he says is suspect. I'm not sure I have the energy to fact-check his relevant points to the degree I might have to to get the truth, and he seems unable to present references when pressed.

;-/ I am not sure how this'll go when we get to the legalisation debate, because then he'll be on my turf, and I can cite my sources.

Tonight, we are going to degustate at Martin Bosley's. I'm told it's posh, but it's my view that the poshest folks don't need to act posh, so we're just going to go and enjoy the food because I'm told it's good.