March 8th, 2013


International Qualifications Developer of Mystery

Last night I dreamed that I helped Rihanna to leave Chris Brown, by giving her a cardboard sculpture of a goat's head with twisty horns, that imbued her with strength in times of low self-esteem.

I dont follow the lives of celebrities because a) I don't really care (monkeysphere, yo) and b) I'd hate it if folks on the other side of the world were commenting publicly on my life choices all the time. But some things creep through and the Rihanna/Chris Brown thing is one of them. From what I can tell, he's beaten her twice and she's left him twice, and now they are back together and it's some kind of standing public joke.

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Meanwhile, you know how shearing comes in pairs? Yep. Apparently the drought has done wonders for the fly population, especially in low lying areas. Consequently, there are some tough battles with flystrike going on out there, and that means I get called in to remove wool from sheep's bums and add fly repellent. It's not something I'd anticipated, but it does mean that my Saturday shearing work is now worth getting out of bed for, and that the YoT will get plenty of driving practice. ;-)

Friday shorts:

My new job title includes the world "Special Duties". This makes me feel like a spy. I deny everything, naturally.

Ever been stuck for what movie to watch? This is cool - it recommends movies based on your preferences and learns from your ratings. It's also made by a friend of ours. You should try it.

Apparently there's a dance party this weekend. I might even go.