March 4th, 2013


Progress! Of the progressive variety

On Friday I bought myself a soldering iron. People wot are in the know seemed interested in what kind it is - it's the kind they had in stock at the wattage the book recommended. Yep. It'll do the job. I also bought some solder, which is more complicated than you'd think. You've got your lead-free, you've got your rosin core, it's all very WUT. But I got lucky and got the right kind apparently.

Then on Saturday I went to Jaycar (local electronic hobbyist shop) and got a bunch of other stuff. I had deliberately avoided getting everything at Jaycar because there's nothing like going into a shop like that with a list that includes wire, resistors, switches, buttons, LEDs, a soldering iron and some solder to let everyone know you're a n00b. Why do I care so much? Well, I already have female paranoia*, and I'm not interested in reinforcing any stereotypes or being patronised. Call me silly if you like, but lessons learned early stick with you, you know?

Anyway, I got my stuff and then trotted off to see Happy and tieke, where I got a crash course in scrubbing floors (hey, it was there and appealed to my OCD) and soldering, and general traps for young players. After which I went home, head exploding with newfound knowledge and excitement.

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Meanwhile, I've been contemplating using to make a stash of my making-related things. I've made a lot of things across a very broad spectrum of arts and crafts and whatnot over the years, and while pretty much all of them have made it onto here sooner or later, I'm crap at tagging so they are hard to find. It'd be nice to have them gathered in one place. To start with, a lot of it would just be posts from here, reposted there, along with pictures. And tagged in a more organised way. I'm not about to abandon LJ though, this is my home on the internet. But I would quite like to use my domain for something, and I've mostly been short of a theme. It occurred to me over the weekend that Tats Making Stuff is a theme.

(it could also have a section called Breeds Of Sheep I've Shorn, because everyone wants to know about that, right?)

*ahem* Anyway, good idea? Silly idea cos nobody would read it? Silly idea because it's just another fucking project that will eat my time when I could be changing the world?

Heroin course tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

* The conscious expectation that by going into this environment as a woman, you are opening yourself up to experience sexism. To Jaycar's extreme credit, I have not experienced anything that resembles sexism in their shop. They do have hot pink wireless keyboards 'for her' though. *shudder*