February 26th, 2013


The usual waffling and some interview questions

Gosh. So this morning I had a rush of blood to the head and sent off two emails:

1. Preliminary questions about applying for scholarships from Victoria (cos I didn't do all my study there and that complicates things).
2. Catch-up email to the guy who's the main researcher on the BZP study to see where it's at.

It seems that being out of academia for three months was long enough for me to start churning my brainmeats again, after dragging myself over the finish line by my tongue. Good to know. Also, it'd be really nice to have that paper published and I know that if it were entirely up to me it'd be done already, but I have no control over that situation so I'm keen to get on with research I do have control over. Still having my year off though, because I know that in the long run it'll be good for me, and also, festivals! Dance parties! Brainfart! Having a bloody life. I like this freedom..

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Speaking of expedited shipping and expensive, did you know that to get a 1 pound package shipped from the US to NZ via international post from Adafruit is $25US? And to have any kind of tracking on it is another $25? That's.. extortion, essentially. The upshot of this is that Mah LEDs haven't arrived yet and I'm getting twitchy. It could take up to 6 weeks and it's only been 2, but *gnng* because of not being able to track it. I hate that.

Meanwhile, my body seems to have settled at 57.5 kilos. It's a bit under what I was aiming for, but it's close enough that I'm not all that concerned. I've maintained that for about a month so I figure that what I'm doing is about right. And that makes handstands 5.5 kilos easier. Yes, it's noticeable. I R PLEASED.