February 21st, 2013


Seems I'm not quite done with art yet

So I woke up this morning and in my inbox there was an unsolicited email from Amazon. Normally I'd delete this without compunction, but the subject line caught my eye:

"BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen, 1.0mm.."

For Her? They made a ballpoint pen just for me? I had to know what this meant! So I went and looked at the site. Apparently, a pen 'for her' has easy-gliding ink for BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH WRITING, a sleek silhouette and jewlled accents for STYLE, a soft grip for COMFORT, and FASHION INK! Another section for a different 'for her' pen told me it had a smaller barrel for my delicate lady hands!

Now, I've often complained about the frustration of trying to use tools that were designed for man-hands. It's especially a problem with things that require a firm grip or things with a scissor action, that need the ability to span a wide gap with your hands - things like footrot shears and hand rammers, for example. One of my favourite tools from Ye Olden Tymes, and one of the things my ex-husband actually got right, was my undersized shoeing hammer he gave me for Christmas one year. But I have never had a problem holding a pen. I've never had a problem with standard blue ink, or with a lack of glitter, and my LadyBiceps have never had trouble pushing a pen across a page. I have never thought, "Gee I wish this ink would glide better so my writing could be more beautiful!" Pens are simply not a thing that suffer from the male-as-default thing.

So I was all ready to take the piss out of this somewhat silly idea of making GLITTER FASHION pens and trying to market them as 'for her'. But it seems that I've been beaten to it. I can't top the reviews that are already there. I LOLed for real.

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*cough* Anyway, so what am I trying to say here? I don't really know. What I do know is that when I read a book, before I start the story I always look at the publisher's page. I want to know when it was written, and where it was first published. For me, the context of time and place helps me to understand the story, and this avoids confusion and/or annoyance with various cultural markers in the text. I guess that means that I'm not convinced the Intentional Fallacy is all that fallacious. Hmm..

Welcome to my navel, it's linty in here. Also, I started taking Vitamin D about a week ago, because this app I'm using to track my food also measures nutrition, and Vitamins D and E, and iron, are things that I consistently struggle to get enough of through diet alone so those are what I supplement. I have noticed my brain going into overdrive in the last few days. Not sure what's up with that but it's a bit..O.o um. Either I'll learn lots of stuff really fast or my head will explode. I'll keep you posted.