February 20th, 2013


In which chili leads to starfish and civil unions and drugs. Welcome to my brain.

Last night I learned something about chilies. At least, I think I learned something, I'm just not sure what I learned. I made an experimental thing called masala mushroom and eggplant, because I'm always up for interesting new vegetarian recipes, especially ones I'm likely to be able to feed to my various food-allergy-afflicted friends. You see how it calls for a teaspoon of red chili powder? Well, we only had plain chili powder, and the label said "HOT". I don't know how we ended up with hot chili on our shelf tbh, but there you go. I only used half what the recipe asked for, thinking it better to err on the side of mild.

We still ended up breathing fire at the end. Seriously, I could have used about 1/4 of what I did and it would have been spicy but palatable. This one would have made your staunchest hardcore chili lover happy. Top tip: We are not staunch hardcore chili lovers, especially not me with my extra taste buds and all. I'm not sure what the allure is in eating food that hurts, eh? But I gritted my teeth and ate it, and came to the conclusion that red chili powder is not the same as hot chili powder, and it'd be nice to find a guide somewhere as to the relative levels of hotness in chili, so if you have to substitute you know how much to use.

Anyway, it was tasty, apart from the flames. I would recommend it, apart from the flames. Yep.

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Meanwhile, this is an interesting read - a short article about the trade in 'research chemicals' - compounds that are being developed as recreational substances to get around drug laws, and ordered over the internet. It gets points for mentioning that the moral panic over the Florida Zombie was bullshit scaremongering and that bath salts were not involved. However it loses points for this:

"One of the most common reasons people give for staying off psychoactives is that they don’t want to lose their sense of self-control. And surely all this online scholasticism is on some level an attempt to wrest some of that control back."

Because it's not possible that people can be geeky about drugs in the same way they can be geeky about anything else, right? It must be a desperate attempt to cling onto control of their brains which are slowly being taken over by evil drugs. Of course, why did I not think of that? It also loses points for failing to point out that this trade in experimental (and potentially dangerous) research chemicals exists because almost all of the known, studied and researched recreational substances are banned, and in many cases (LSD, BZP, 2C-B and MDMA for example) were banned and classified as dangerous without evidence to support the claim.

*cough* Anyway, worth reading just the same, for an interesting take on the topic.

PS I am getting a haircut on Friday. *trepidation*