February 18th, 2013


A Galant is just a farm truck in city clothing

This weekend we went to the Civilisation Hoedown for khaybee and danjite's civil union. It was held about as far from civilisation as your average Wellingtonian is willing to go, in the foaling paddock at a farm that's become central to certain community ideas - organic, tech-powered, and probably the geekiest lifestyle block in the Wairarapa. Getting there was.. interesting.

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I consider it an adventure. ;-)

Anyway, the civilisation itself was one of the nicest I've been to, completely free of any of the traditional ritual stuff that I find so hard to swallow about weddings, and full of interesting people who were there as part of the community the couple have built since their move to NZ - and many also from the equivalent US community. There was a bluegrass band and a pig on a spit and a mob of goats making a bid for freedom (and trying to eat tieke's party dress), and horses and kids running round and .. yeah, it was cool. I'm glad to have been part of it.

Also, you would have been proud of me. I talked to at least four people I didn't know, off my own bat, without being given an easy conversation starter by someone else. And wrangled a goat. Cos I'm like that. Anyway, go me. Networking is hard, I did it. Nyah.

* Metal is the Northlander word for a gravel road. No, I have no idea why.