February 12th, 2013


Body stuff and some rambling about documentaries

I'm thinking about cutting my hair off. Partly because it's getting close to the length that our family hair gets to before stopping growing and just getting ratty, and partly because yesterday I had it up all day and when I let it down it settled into a shoulder-length bob look that actually quite suited me. And if I'm honest, I'm also kind of tired of being mistaken for tieke by people who don't know me. I'm me, goddamnit. It didn't happen when my hair was pink, but I had to lose that for the sake of being taken seriously by the judgemental. And I quite enjoyed having shorter hair before, although I don't think I'll go that short again.

Anyway, what say you, flist? I'd lose about 6 inches off the bottom and it'd be all lightweight and easy to care for and shit. I'm sorely tempted.

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Today I plan to demonstrate for DoomBoy my newfound ability to straddle L. I attempted it again last night and can still do it, albeit in a wobbly and non-gymnastic looking way. It also gives me cramp in my thighs quite quickly. Cramp is an ongoing problem for me, I find myself getting it in my feet (and sometimes calves) when I try to get a good point as well, and it's frustrating because I end up doing everything Charlie Chaplin style to avoid the cramps. You'd think my muscles would get used to it, but apparently not. And yes, my diet is pretty balanced.

In other news, I weighed myself this morning and I've now dropped below my ideal weight. ;-/ This despite eating copious quantities of ice cream on a relatively regular basis. I am not very good at this..