February 11th, 2013


And in things not about sheep

Based on my dreams last night, I now know two things. One, scythes work better when they are sharp, and two - Dr Wheel looks much better in a lab coat than he does in an animal onesie. Especially a blue terrycloth shortie animal onesie. Just saying.

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One thing I've noticed is the amount of conflicting information out there, particularly wrt recommendations. It seems everyone's an expert and they all have different opinions. Just google 'recommended compiler for xp' and see what happens. ;-) In case you're wondering, I ended up with Code::Blocks 10.05, because the latest version didn't play nice with Socrates. It works, I'm happy.

It seems someone was trying to get hold of me desperately on my work phone yesterday. 8 missed calls between 3:10 and 3:45pm, all from 'Unknown number.' No messages left. Wut. Telephone solicitor? I got one of those on my mobile the other day, from Greenpeace. Way to make me not want to give you money, Greenpeace.

[edit] There are now so many people on my flist that are doing LJ Idol that in order to read all of them and vote, I'd have to dedicate more time to it than I did to course readings for uni. In light of this, I won't be. Sorry guys, it's just too much.