February 9th, 2013


Dorper? More like derper

Last time I posted about sheep, it came with pictures of pretty lambs, and everyone went *squeeoverload* over them, because as lambs go they were particularly cute.

Today I hit the opposite end of the spectrum, shearing Dorpers. Now, anyone who knows their sheep will know that shearing Dorpers is a contradiction in terms. They are a South African meat breed that shed their wool, and thus supposedly don't need shearing. I've had nothing to do with them before because of this - but apparently these ones did need shearing.

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And for those who are wondering (I'm pretty sure there's at least one person), Dorpers are indeed derpy. Like, can't-see-the-gateway, hiding-in-bushes, refusing-to-leave-their-pile-of-shorn-wool derpy. Herp derp dorp, essentially. Luckily, *loop back to the bit where I don't really have a lot to do with them because most ones dutifully shed their fleeces*

After that I shore some Wiltshires (yes, for those following along at home, Wiltshires are also supposed to shed their fleeces and I don't know WTF is up with my run right now), the sheep who was responsible for my original shoulder injury and who has indeed lost about 15kgs due to rearing a pair of fine twins this year (who I also shore), and a flock of 14 ewe lambs that the people bought from the Wairarapa for $30 each because the drought over there got bad enough that everyone was trying to unload at once. This flock of ewes contained one wether, because lifestyle sheep.

Finally, today I found out that the other main shearer around this area, a guy called Rani, has moved to Australia. This explains the sudden surge in interest in my skills, and also concerns me because I can't pick up his entire run, I just don't have the time. He was doing it for a living. But I find it hard to say no because I like sheep, I like sheep people, and I see it as a welfare issue. Since the Singing Shearer retired and with Rani gone, as far as I know there's me and maybe a couple of other people. I know one of them charges more than double what I do, and that means I'm likely to get more calls. Yikes.

[edit] Dear fellow kiwis, please help a girl out - there's a question in the comments about what a typical NZ traditional meal would be and I'm floundering. Help?