February 7th, 2013

fun and games

And hard on the heels of the Great Ab Discovery....

Yesterday while rolling around on the floor with pombagira, I discovered that I can do a straddle L:

This surprises me because I can't do a standard L sit (or at least, not last time I tried). Mine doesn't look as good as that one either, but I can do it and that's a start. It hurts my shoulder though, fuckitall. It pains me to admit that the week of doing nothing at Rainbow was good for my shoulder - good enough that the pain occurrences and levels dropped by about 75%. That makes it clear that doing stuff prevents it from healing, and finding that out just as I feel like I'm getting somewhere with training is frustrating as hell.

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Here's an interesting read: the distress of the privileged. Linked by didotwite.

And finally, Dr Wheel made burgers last night and they were Burgers of Awesome. I think I could happily eat Burgers of Awesome every night. Yep.