February 6th, 2013


Jarvis Cocker, Ed Kowalczyk, Thom Yorke. You know it.

This morning I looked down while in bed, and there it was. An ab! Or maybe if I squint just right and tip my head to one side, two of them! I mean, I know they've always been there but this is the first time I can recall ever being able to see them. And I don't care if nobody else can because I can and holy crap maybe all this pain is paying off.

So what am I going to do with my ab? Straddle press to handstand, fuckitall. Before DoomBoy does because I've been practicing for ages and he just decided he wants to so if he gets there before me there will be gnashing of teeth. Yes, of course it's a competition, and it makes complete sense to put myself in competition with someone who is fit and strong for a living. My advantage is I can actually straddle, and he can't. It's my only one, and I'm taking it.


Meanwhile, last night Dr Wheel introduced me to Tekniset (video) - a Finnish psy outfit that someone at his work was playing. I'd hesitate to call it psytrance, but it has a definite psy feel to it, with some bizarrely retro and non-electronica style stuff going on at the top. One of the tracks, I swear contains constipated elves singing death metal. In short, it's awesome, and makes me want to go to Finland. Although, I think the videomakers might be on drugs..

Anyway, it's nice to finally have decent quality music in the house. Yesterday evening was spent revelling in music overload and trying to work out how to set up the amp through a Raspberry Pi so we can remotely choose to run speakers in the lounge or the bedroom, or both, from our phones. Because we're that lazy. And because we're decent people, we didn't play the constipated elves so loud the neighbours could dance to it too - although it was tempting.

Today is a public holiday in New Zealand, so I'm being a slackarse. Later I will go and buy a breadboard - of the sticking-wires-in variety, not the making-your-sammies variety. And then there will be more fingergooping, because it's not really art if it's not messy, so I'm told.

[edit] You know, lately I am seeing a lot of people who are just finishing paying off their student loans. Most of them are within 5 years of my age. This implies it's taken that long to get to the 'educated, owes nothing' place in life, the same way it's taken me that long. Just, different processes. Hmm..