February 5th, 2013


Ohai ignorance, I see you're still hanging around

V = IR. It does.

So does P = VI. Yup.

I learned this in 4th form physics, along with the bit where everything is made up of electrons and stuff whizzing around, and all my perceptions of the world were actually wrong. The bit about the electrons I never forgot, but my need for V=IR ended with my need to pass bursary physics. I haven't used it since, not even for electric fencing. Electric fencing, you see, is designed to be idiot proof, and as long as your unit is putting out X voltage (normally ~3000-5000) and you don't get a current reading off your tester, it's all good. If you get a current you find the fault and fix it. Voila! No need whatsoever for formulae.

So when I decided to muck about with electronics because I had a shiny brainfart, I was immediately faced with the level of my own ignorance.

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Meanwhile, my sore throat from yesterday is the same today. No other symptoms, just a pain in the right side of my throat around the adam's apple/tonsil area that makes it hard to swallow. And associated dreams about being attacked by zombies. In my dreams, even animals can be zombies.

Much better was the dream where Dr Wheel was leading shirtless street yoga, doing fantastic bridge-to-handstand moves, all finishing with a Bollywood style synchronised yoga parade of about 200 hot people. Now we're talking. Fuck off, zombies. Bring on the yoga.

Finally, we have Surprise!Soundsystem. Well, not a complete surprise, we did want one, but one turned up suddenly over the weekend and we got it and Dr Wheel set it up last night and Mmmmm nice sounds incoming. I promise not to sing along out of tune at the top of my voice like our neighbour does.