February 1st, 2013


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As expected, DoomBoy had zero sympathy for my week of not lifting heavy things and general debauchery, and decided that this week we'd up the ante again. Thus, I struggled and puffed my way through our session feeling weak and pathetic, and it was only at the end that he told me I was lifting more than I ever had before. *glares at doomboy*

Today, my arms feel like noodles. I couldn't face Pretzel Class last night because I just know she'd make us do pressups, so instead I did my own stretching (now I have some clue as to how to go about it) while watching - listening to really since my head was between my knees most of the time - a documentary about Nietzsche. One day I'll be able to spell Nietzsche without having to look it up, and then I will consider myself educated.

Meanwhile, apparently he was a sad man, and the original emo. It seems strange that in his time, the idea that there is no god and existence has no externally-driven meaning could be so disturbing. Apparently Darwin was a big influence on Nietzsche. I wonder how much influence that sort of thinking had on the temperance movement that led to the prohibition of so many substances, through people's desire to separate themselves from the animals now they didn't have the Irrefutable *cough* Proof of God's Image. And why, from my 2013 perspective, did they think it was so important to separate the human from the bestial anyway? Who cares? etc.

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Huh. Today I was going to write about my experience with DMT. I guess that'll have to wait now, since I've gone on long enough already.

Tonight, Fidels. Tomorrow, sheep. Ohai normal life, there you are.

Speaking of 'there you are', have a thing: Turret Error.