January 31st, 2013


OHAI reality, give me a day or two huh?

Oh boy am I glad I took a buffer day between festivalspace and reality. Especially when my introduction back to my normal life was a visit to the dental hygienist. On the upside, that was the most gentle tooth scraping I've ever had. Normally it's like the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan, but today there was almost no blood and even the lecture about my tongue stud was shorter than usual. Nice.

And it turns out the Sevens is this weekend. For those not from here, the Sevens is a seven-a-side rugby tournament that is almost completely ignored in favour of playing dressups among the spectators and having a giant party for two days. It's a Thing in Wellington. I feel a bit jaded about it because the costumes tend to be somewhat predictable and having spent far too long in rave/festival culture, I find them somewhat unimaginative and gender-normative for the most part. However, I also think the Sevens gives everyday people permission to play that they otherwise wouldn't feel they have, and in that respect I like the sheer enthusiasm that people go into it with.

But I'll be over here, shearing sheep and avoiding the general drunkenness as much as I can.

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Also, Australia is epically big, epically old and epically geologically stable. This means that lots of it is flat, and the 'mountains' are worn down to smooth stumps, not like the new pointy ones we have here. It gives a sense of timelessness. Not in the OMG DEEP TIME way that Africa did, the bit I saw was less rocky and more dusty than that so it had less of a Bones Of The Earth thing going on, but yep. It's old and you can feel it.

By the way, pombagira, I have a rock for you. Because reasons.

That was the first time I've been out of a city in Australia. Thank you to my travelling companions for not gagging me after the 20th time I named what breed of sheep was in the paddock we were passing.