January 30th, 2013


Something happened on the way home from Australia

I've travelled to and through Australia a few times now, and in general I've always found the officials to be relatively friendly and easy to deal with - often much easier and friendlier than their kiwi counterparts. However, Melbourne airport now has those scanning machines - you know, the ones that they don't know how safe they are, that look through your clothes to see if you've got a toenail clipper in your pocket that might be used as a weapon?

And they choose people at random to go through them. They also have the metal detector arches and it seems most people go through them, but every so often someone gets shoved into the machine instead.

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I don't know what to do, but I'm afraid that one day I will actually spin out and go "Fuck the consequences." I was pretty close to it yesterday - if I hadn't had Dr Wheel and Happy waiting for me on the other side I probably would have. I don't want to avoid travelling because of this, because in a way that's letting both the stupid security bullshit and the PTSD win.

I would appreciate input from other people on this, because whenever I try to sort it through I just end up berating myself for being stupid, and that is not constructive.