January 24th, 2013


What is it with Australian taxi drivers?

Ohai, I am in Australia. It has sunshine and, apparently, koalas. I am not convinced of this though, having not seen one yet.

Meanwhile, Australian taxi experiences:

1. Drove like a maniac through Sydney, including yelling at other cars out the window, while regaling us with racist opinions at a constant staccato tempo.

2. Listened to talkback radio. Nuff said.

3. Actually ok, but that might have been the side effects of dance-party entertainment. We'll never know.

4. Today - needed directions from the airport to where we were going. Stopped on the side of the freeway to get his 'bible' (a paper map) out of the boot of the car, then got Happy to navigate to our destination.

Have these people not heard of GPS?