January 23rd, 2013


Moving pictures OMG

Yesterday's post about my Dad's various animal training adventures turned into something of a Dad-appreciation thread, which IMO is kind of cool. My Dad might have been right out on the interesting end of the spectrum, but what I found cool was how many other people chipped in with interesting things about their own Dads. And, having been married to a fencer, I can totally appreciate the value in being able to drive under a motorway bridge and think "My Dad designed that 40 years ago and look it's still there."

So I went home last night and dug out the DVD that some kind friend-of-the-folks made from all our home movies back in the 90s, and watched it.

Collapse )

Meanwhile, I am wondering how much of this footage would be of interest to the National Archives. I would like to put some of the animal stuff online, but there are other things in there - I mean, it's a comprehensive picture of life for an expat family in NZ in the 1970s, and Dad was a documenter so there are shots of specific iconic things, streets, signs, historic events, places and the like all through it. And this beautiful woman with the two kids wanders through them all looking vaguely amused and occasionally lonely.

Also, we were nudists. So there's a bit of that that I'd have to edit out - but even then, he recorded the demolition of the old clubhouse at Auckland Sun Club and the building of the new one. Lots of naked men in toolbelts.... *blink* I imagine if the club's still going, they'd be interested in that footage too.

It'd definitely be a shame for it to just sit under my bed for another 20 years.. hmm.

I will get over this nostalgia trip soon, don't worry. In fact, probably tomorrow, since I'll be off to Rainbow Serpent for a few days. Gear change upcoming in 3, 2, 1...