January 22nd, 2013

fun and games

In which I invoke vicarious bragging rights. You totally would too.

Pretzel Class last night was completely different from the first one I went to, in that this one was focused mainly on making our hips flexible. My hips, apparently, are not very flexible. Owieowieowie! I can do quite a lot of pressups though, so it seems - so that's something.

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Marineland stumbled on for another three years until the Marine Mammal Protection Act caused it to peter out. It was replaced by Leisure Island, a water-based theme park. Dad's heart had gone out of the work, and he never worked with animals professionally again. He didn't ever stop training things to do tricks though, much to the frustration of the ladies at the pony club when my pony got bored standing around .... *ahem*

So when Dad wrote 'dolphin trainer' in his passport, he wasn't kidding. Somewhere, we have a home movie of him brushing the teeth of an orca. This is in England, before our move to NZ. Mum and Dad had all the old movies put on DVD in the 90s. If I can find them, I'll dig them out and put them up.

In other news, only 2 days to go before our trip to Australia! I am excited.