January 19th, 2013


Moar sheep pics

Yesterday one of my colleagues called me a skinny bitch. I was all O.o and replied that I'm not skinny and I'm not a bitch either. She flailed a bit, insisted that she'd meant it as a compliment because I have a nice figure but that I should be assured she doesn't want to sleep with me and that she really really likes men. At this I was even more o.O and she ended up going "Isn't it weird how women can't compliment each other?"

To which I thought, "Huh." I mean, women can compliment each other, and it's been a while since I had to deal with a compliment that included calling me a bitch, but I know this is also fairly common. When I was a teenager, "You're such a skinny bitch, I hate you" was intended as a compliment that elevated my status because it indicated that I had something the other person envied. Ugh. So having thought about it, my colleague is right - it seems that women do compliment each other through insults (not even gonna touch the 'skinny as a compliment' thing), and it seems there's a homophobic element in there too, because it seems a direct compliment must come with protestations of heterosexuality in case the complimentee misconstrues someone being nice with someone making advances. Because everyone knows you're only nice to people if you want to fuck them, right?

Says a lot I reckon, that.

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I can't look at pictures of sheep I shore for very long before I start picking apart the job I did. It's almost impossible to shear lambs without leaving railway tracks on them because the curve of their body is tighter than the curve of the comb tips, but I still want them all to come out perfect and am disappointed when they don't. Still, not cutting them is the main consideration and that was successful.

I like shearing lambs, they are little and cute and can't hurt me.