January 15th, 2013


Not a book review, more of an author review

I think we're finally winning with the cast iron seasoning! Last night I made a frittata, one of those that goes from on the stove to in the oven still in the pan, and it didn't stick! The YoT (who has a hate on for cast iron because he does the dishes) will be stoked! Flaxseed oil for the win.

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Meanwhile, this morning I caved and called the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and said "Oi, where's my graduation email?" or words to that effect. Turns out they don't indicate a date to expect it because they don't know "when they'll get through all the students", but that mine would be sent out within a week. Which is nice.

What they didn't say was "How dare you harrass us about graduating? People like YOU don't get to graduate!" Yes this was a fear. Yes I know it's irrational. I overcame it, see? And got a result. Sweet.

*looks outside* Nice weather for ducks.